Hi. I’m Andrew Schwartz

I have been a professional photographer and graphic designer for about 5 years. Although I don’t have a college degree in any of these professions, I do have an eye for detail and composition, and work full time at Christian Aid Ministries as the graphic design team leader. In school, art was my favorite subject, and that passion has continued over the years and has translated into graphic designing and photography.

As a husband of the world’s best wife, and a father of five beautiful children, I’m kept busy with many different things that life brings our way. I enjoy spending time outdoors whenever I get a chance, taking in God’s creation and capturing a small part of it for the record. Photography is one of my favorite past times, and designing is right next to it. I enjoy taking pictures with my Sony a7iii as well as taking to the skies with the drone on a sunny (or cloudy) day.

My goal and passion in life is to bring glory to our Almighty Father and inspire others to do the same. In an ever-changing world, my desire is to remain faithful to God to the end.

Contact me with your information and the project you have in mind. Let’s create something beautiful together!